TTS Pro-Bot Rechargeable Floor Robot

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Compared to its little brothers Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot, Pro Bot is equipped with more features.
The Pro-Bot has a built-in LCD screen, LOGO mode and multiple sensors.
Pro-Bot can be programmed in the same way as Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot (using the arrow keys), but in addition, students can easily switch to the Logo programming language as their skills develop.
The arrow keys on the Pro-Bot can be combined with number buttons, which allows the robot to be programmed to travel the desired distances and to set the degrees of rotation.
The built-in LCD screen makes programming in Logo mode easy.
The Pro-Bot is also suitable for beginners in robotics, as it has touch sensors and a sound and light sensor. With the help of sensors, the robot can be programmed to take into account the surrounding environment.
In the center of the Pro-Bot is a holder for a felt-tip pen, which creates the possibility to use the robot for drawing different shapes in art projects.
Up to 128 commands can be given to the Pro-Bot (the LCD screen displays 15 commands at a time). By default, the Pro-Bot has a step length of 25 cm, but this value can be changed.

Product features:
* Exciting car-shaped design
* Strong and durable
* Works independently or together with a computer (special software)
* Programmable via arrows or using LOGO mode
* With the felt holder you can draw shapes
* Headlights with light sensors
* Front and rear bumper with sensors
* Four attachment points allow the use of K’Nex parts
* Compatible with Windows 7 and above