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Suitable for supporting your learners from KS1 to KS3 across all subject areas, Oti-Bot is a versatile, social and upgradable humanoid robot designed for the 21st Century classroom.

Oti-Bot can be programmed by students to support Computing outcomes. He is equipped with accurate programmable caterpillar tracks, a line follower, colour sensor, programmable pen holder, programmable LED tummy, Camera, programable head movement, programmable emotions, programmable capacitive touch sensors, microphone and speaker. In addition to his programmable capabilities, Oti-Bot can be used as a storage device for students work. Oti-Bot can record video, audio and photos to his internal storage, ensuring that each students work is recorded in their own assigned folder when using their associated QR code. Oti-Bot’s camera can be used to live stream to a tablet device when undertaking a classroom adventure. Oti-Bot can be taught to recognise faces and programmed to react differently to the humans he interacts with. All facial recognition data is safely and securely stored locally – without the use of a cloud service. This gentle introduction to machine learning is the perfect way to introduce students to AI technologies in a safe and engaging way. With interchangeable tummies, Oti-Bot can deliver a wide variety of STEAM lessons. From lifting and moving, programming, measuring and drawing – the only limit is your imagination. Interchangeable tummies also allow for low-cost upgrades to expand and enhance the functionality of the robot.