TTS Loti-Bot programmable robot

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* Supports learners with computational thinking skills
* Ideal size to share between 3 learners
* Highly accurate drawing capabilities to support numeracy curriculum

Loti-Bot robot is the prefect bridge from early programming with Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to advanced programming with Oti-Bot.

Using a Bluetooth connected tablet and the TTS Loti-Bot app, learners can progress from a control environment, to a junior programming environment to a block based programming environment – providing a wide spectrum of differentiation for your classes.

Loti-Bot is packed full of features to enable you to teach the KS2 Computing curriculum, including, Programmable LEDs, Programmable bumper sensors, Programable Proximity sensors, Adjustable pen holder, Microphone, Speaker, 20 Pre-loaded sounds, Buddy Detection Sensor (which detects other Loti-Bots, Blue-Bot and Bee-Bot!), Cliff sensor – prevents Loti from falling off the edge of the table, Graduated Programming Environment.