TTS Blue-Bot Programmable Floor Robot

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The new Blue-Bot floor robot has the ability to record and play sound. Kids can record a sound on each control and play it back. Also, the Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot robots can now recognize and greet each other.

With the help of the Blue-Bot floor robot, children can be introduced to the first skills of controlling and programming devices in a simple and child-friendly way.
When using the floor robot, children’s algorithmic thinking ability (program creation and error detection) and logical reasoning ability (predicting the program’s behavior and planning the path) develop.
The robot has Bluetooth support, so it can be controlled using a command reader device, tablet or laptop. Its transparent body allows the child to see the components inside the robot and understand what makes Blue-Bot e.g. to make a sound.
The Blue-Bot measures identically to the Bee-Bot and fits perfectly into the Bee-Bot’s charging base.
The robot can be programmed via the buttons on its back, similar to Bee-Bot, but with a device connected via Bluetooth, the Blue-Bot robot can also be turned 45° and use repetitions in the algorithms. The Blue-Bot memory can hold up to 200 commands.

The Blue-Bot battery is rechargeable and can last up to 6 hours in normal use, up to 1.5 hours in continuous operation.
The product comes with a USB cable.
The Blue-Bot app (iOS/Android and PC/Mac OS) offers a number of great additional options, such as taking a photo of your own mat and using it on the screen or solving challenges.