Sphero BOLT Power Pack to Charge, Store and Carry

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Unleash your creative potential with the Sphero BOLT, an app-controlled robot with an endless array of coding and gaming options. With a series of advanced sensors that track speed, acceleration and direction in addition to infrared communication with other BOLT models, this spherical robot acts as an innovative and entertaining introduction to the world of coding, allowing you to create your own advanced programming. With a durable scratch resistant shell and a programmable 8 x 8 LED matrix, the Sphero BOLT is an incredible learning tool. This BOLT Power Pack contains 15 Sphero BOLT Robots, supplied in a large, durable case each with an inductive charging cradle for each BOLT. App-controlled spherical robot
Utilises advanced but accessible coding configurations
Acts as a perfect introduction to programming
Durable and scratch resistant
Features advanced sensors
Programmable LED display
Supplied in a durable charging case
Pack of 15 BOLT