Ozobot Color Code Magnets Speed Kit 18 Tiles

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The Ozobot Magnetic Color Code Extension Set is a fun and interactive way to teach coding principles to students as young as preschool age. The Speed Kit contains 18 puzzle pieces that connect to the basic Ozobot magnetic kit. When paired with Ozobot Bit+ or Evo and the base kit, they allow hands-on practice of coding and programming skills.

Discover an effective way for students to practice their skills to create sequences of commands, work with logic, and strengthen problem solving skills. The color-coded magnets are appropriately sized and easy to use. They are ideal for young learners who are just beginning to explore the world of coding.

Ozobot magnet sets are durable and long-lasting. Looking for another fun way to code? Buy the Special Moves expansion set and the Speed set, which are designed to be used as supplements to the basic set.