Makeblock mBot2 add-on kit – Smart world

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Smart World add-on for mBot2 is an add-on package developed and designed on the basis of mBot2, which can be applied to various scenarios such as: teaching scenes, small sand table simulation, etc, the kit contains Makeblock metal parts and servos, through the original mBot2 on the basis, students can carry out project learning based on the theme of smart farm, urban construction, mechanical engineering, besides, relying on the artificial intelligence and Internet of Things functions of CyberPi,to achieve multiple main controls to form a local area network for linkage to achieve environmental monitoring, linkage work, information summary and other functions, and can also carry out data science, graphic/Python multi-direction and topic learning.
Smart World add-on for mBot2 adopts MS1.5A servo drive mechanical structure, its strong torque can reach 1.5kg·cm, the new circuit design can better protect the servo, extend the service life, suitable for high-intensity use of teaching scenarios is more suitable.
It can build 3+N forms, and build different forms according to different scenarios to apply to a variety of theme teaching, such as: smart city, smart farm, logistics, etc;
Relying on the artificial intelligence and Internet of Things functions of mBot2, multiple main controllers form a local area network for linkage to realize the network and collaborative operation of multiple robots

Parts list
1x Beam 036
1x Plate B 7*9
2x Universal Wheel
1x Connection Cable (20cm)
2x Beam 060
15x Screws M4*8 mm
2× 9g servo (MS-1.5A)
3x D shaft 4*56 mm
4x Beam 076
8x Screws M4*10 mm
7x Nut M4
1x Red Ball 32mm
1x Beam 092
5xScrews M4*14 mm
6x Shaft Collar 4mm
1x Green Ball 32mm
1x Slide Beam 016-blue
3x Screws M4*16 mm
7x Plastic Ring 4*7*3
2x Slide Beam 032-blue
2x Screws M4*22 mm
2x Plastic Ring 4*7*2 mm
6x Stiffener
2x Screws M4*25 mm
1x Wrench
1x Bracket 3*3
2x Brass stud M4*8+6 mm
1x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm
2×Plate 3*6
6x Headless Set Screw M3*5 mm
1x HEX Allen Key 2.5mm