Makeblock mBot2 add-on kit Smart world

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mBot2 is a networkable robot with extended capabilities that allows it to adapt to different educational scenarios. With secondary education in mind and taking advantage of its versatility, Makeblock education has created an add-on pack to allow students to work on new activities inspired by real world applications; we call this the Smart World.

Key benefits:
* Designed to bring the Smart World concept into the learning experience.
* New robot forms allow students to work on new activities.
* More possibilities for exercising collaboration, exploration, and problem-solving skills.
* Students develop their ideas further with the Makerspace 3.0, xTool laser machines, and the MIS.

The Smart World is an educational concept that brings real-life applications into the classroom by considering important areas of life where technology can become an enabler for the United Nations (UNSDGs). Two areas were considered for this mBot2 add-on: Smart Farming and Sustainability in the City.

The add-on contains structural components, servos, and the instructions to transform mBot2 into three different forms: Robotic Carrier, Surveying Robot and Robotic Arm. Each robot form is accompanied by a learning activity related to the Smart World concept, which will help students understand the challenges of a real-world scenario in the classroom.

Parts list
1x Beam 036
1x Plate B 7*9
2x Universal Wheel
1x Connection Cable (20cm)
2x Beam 060
15x Screws M4*8 mm
2× 9g servo (MS-1.5A)
3x D shaft 4*56 mm
4x Beam 076
8x Screws M4*10 mm
7x Nut M4
1x Red Ball 32mm
1x Beam 092
5xScrews M4*14 mm
6x Shaft Collar 4mm
1x Green Ball 32mm
1x Slide Beam 016-blue
3x Screws M4*16 mm
7x Plastic Ring 4*7*3
2x Slide Beam 032-blue
2x Screws M4*22 mm
2x Plastic Ring 4*7*2 mm
6x Stiffener
2x Screws M4*25 mm
1x Wrench
1x Bracket 3*3
2x Brass stud M4*8+6 mm
1x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm
2×Plate 3*6
6x Headless Set Screw M3*5 mm
1x HEX Allen Key 2.5mm