Makeblock CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack (4 in 1)

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CyberPi is a programmable microcomputer designed for teaching and learning AIoT and Python.
This small microcomputer features a full-color display, multiple input devices, an independently developed CyberOS operating system, large storage space, and a selection of modules and sensors.
CyberPi brings the Python programming language into classrooms and allows users to easily teach and learn artificial intelligence from beginner to advanced.
Powered by the powerful Pocket Shield technology, CyberPi’s creativity is limitless.
CyberPi is perfect for technological discoveries, learning to program, and other educational purposes, making teaching and learning more fun.
Pocket Shield: Provides support for CyberPi and expands the possibilities of dealing with CyberPi.
It comes with a rechargeable high-performance lithium-ion battery (800mAh), 2 DC motors and 2 servo ports. Servo ports could be connected to LED strips, Arduino digital and analog sensors.
Type-C cable: Program or charge the CyberPi by connecting it to a computer or Pocket Shield using Type-C cables.