LEGO SPIKE Essential and BrickQ Motion Essential

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The non-motorized BricQ Motion Essential set and the motorized SPIKE Essential set are ideal complements to each other. Great to use already in kindergarten with preschoolers.
See the combined lesson plans here:

This playful learning experience encourages students to explore MATIK concepts while helping to develop literacy, math and social-emotional skills. Minifigures with different characters are also included in the learning. All minifigures have been created with a character and their own character, so that every student can identify with the characters of LEGO Education SPIKE Essential.
Icon and word-based block programming, simple hardware, intelligent dual-port controller, motors, light matrix and color sensor help students bring their creations to life.

What age is SPIKE Essential for?
SPIKE Essential is designed for elementary school students ages 6+. Kindergartens where robotics has already started and preschoolers still want to hone their skills, SPIKE Essential is the perfect companion for that.

How many students is one set for?
One set per two students is recommended.

Is SPIKE Essential meant to replace WeDo 2.0?
SPIKE Essential is one part of the new LEGO Learning System. It covers a larger age group than WeDo 2.0.

What does the SPIKE Essential kit include?
SPIKE Essential contains 449 elements, including intelligent hardware and familiar colorful LEGO bricks. The hardware includes a 2-port controller, 2 small motors, a light matrix and a color sensor that students can program using the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App.
The set comes with 4 Minifigures, each of them has its own character. The minifigures are also storytellers so that solving problems becomes personal for each student.