LEGO DOTS Additional DOTS – 3rd series

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Kids and art and craft fans will love this Super Secrets-themed extra DOTS – 3 Series (41921) bag! It fits in with all the different LEGO® DOTS kits, and the accessories give children the opportunity to complement their designs in a new and fun way and change them according to their clothes, mood or room decor. A bag full of extra creative joy This bag contains 107 colorful details (including star- and diamond-shaped 3D effect details, plus 10 special top-secret details from 16 different possible designs, so kids can decorate their own bracelets or decor and develop their imagination. Make crafting even more fun an interesting way for children to decorate their LEGO DOTS kits to let their imaginations fly even further and combine them with friends’ designs and show their unique designs.The bag is an exciting prize, a good gift for a creative teenager or an additional surprise with another DOTS kit.
Reward the self-craftsmen with a cool extra DOTS 3rd series pack with 81 details, 16 star and diamond spatial effect details and 10 decorated details.