Kitronik MI:power board for the BBC micro:bit

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The stylish, lightweight PCB is designed to fit snugly against the BBC micro:bit and features a built-in buzzer and 3V coin cell holder.

When assembled, the MI:power board is connected directly to the 3V, GND and P0 connections on the micro:bit. The 3V and GND connections provide power to the micro:bit and the built-in buzzer is connected to P0, which is the default output pin when using the audio functions in the Block Editor software.

The board has an easy to access on/off switch, which makes it easy to turn a project on and off, rather than have to disconnect the power supply from the BBC micro:bit.
Once the unit is assembled and attached to the BBC micro:bit the mechanical fixings prevent the battery from being removed unless you use a screwdriver, so whatever the use, the battery will remain safely in place.
Spacers, fixings and a battery are all provided.

Please Note: BBC micro:bit is NOT included.

Power your BBC micro:bit from a stylish PCB.
On-Board buzzer.
Easy access on/off switch.

1 x MI:power board for the BBC micro:bit.
3 x Counter Sunk M3 x12mm Machine Screws.
3 x M3 Hex Full Width Nuts.
3 x Plastic Spacers.
1 x CR2032 3V Coin Cell.