Intelino Smart Train Classroom Set

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This set of four contains everything you need to get started right away. When the lesson is over, students can quickly and easily pack trains and train paths in boxes, and there is one storage bag to store the boxes. The set includes a USB wall charger and a 4-port cable to allow all trains
download at the same time.

The set consists of four different track sets and four Smart trains, one set can comfortably work with at least 3 children. Each track set includes a wide variety of activities and lesson plans for use both screen-free and on a smart device.

Alternatively, create one large track using all the tools in the kit. More bridges can be added and with the help of tower blocks it is possible to build a train track multiple times, giving a great opportunity to work on several trains on one track at the same time. The bridge set and tower set are sold separately. Using additional opportunities, it is possible to build a big city that is traversed by different trains, developing playful and creative learning.

The class set includes
• 4-engine smart train with 4 wagons
• USB charger
• 4-in-1 micro USB cable
• 4 track sets, each containing one
– 4 two-way, 4 straight, 12 curves
– 3 short tracks, 1 crossroads
– 4 connectors
– 80 programming bags
• 4 command cards and sticker sheets
• Durable padded bag