Intelino J-1 Smart Train Starter Set

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Learning is more meaningful than solving real-world problems. The award-winning Intelino Nutirong J-1 engages students in playful learning. It’s simple, fun, educational and easy to use. At the same time, a high-level and intelligent educational robot that uses advanced technology and innovative design features. The smart train encourages the use of creative thinking, develops programming skills and takes students on a playful path to learning MATIC.

Younger children use screen-free programming and a simpler application to drive a smart train on a schedule. Schoolchildren can adopt a scratch-based or python programming language to make running automatic, avoid collisions, optimize routing, and more.
For free use, the train comes with colored blocks that can be placed on the rail. The train reads different color codes as it moves and reacts according to the code. Children can program the train to run faster or slower, choose whether the train is running straight, turning or in free mode, changing direction, stopping, uncoupling the wagon and much more. The train has 16 different codes, to which it responds immediately when taken out of the box. The codes can be changed on the smart device.

Management options can be expanded in the Intelino application (iOS and Android). Children can develop their driving skills in both automatic and manual driving programs. The maximum speed is 100cm / sec. The application can create color-based commands and download the train wirelessly. The Intelino application offers a variety of gaming challenges that can be deployed on the J-1 train.
Once the children are familiar with the train and its activities, they are ready to use the advanced program and program the train using Scratch 3.0. The Scratch extension allows complete control over the train’s path, Navigation, sensors, light and everything else can be implemented with block-based programming. This allows two Smart Trains to be programmed at the same time. In addition to Scratch, older students can program using the Intelino Python library, which supports simultaneous programming of multiple trains and has an extensive API. There are so many different ways to use Smart Train, which limits the opportunities for creative learning.

International awards
• TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021 (Special Mention).
• 2021 Smart Toy Awards Winner (Creative Play category). This prestigious inaugural competition is organized by the World Economic Forum, Generation AI project and UNICEF with a world-renowned panel of expert judges.
• 2021 Toy of The Year Award Winner, Poland (Educational / Scientific Toy category).
• 2021 Falling Walls Finalist (Future Learning)
• 2020 BETT Kids Judge Award Winner

Technical specifications

• 32-bit ARM MCU
• Bluetooth Smart (BLE) 4.2 wireless connectivity
• 32Mb peripheral flash memory for permanent audio storage
• Two-way magnetic steering system for reciprocating
• Programmable electromagnetic wagon connection
• Over-the-air (OTA) firmware update through the application
• Compatibility with most wooden train tracks BRIO, IKEA and other brands (track adapters can be purchased separately)
programmable sensors
• 2 color sensors with IR
• Optical speed sensor

Light and sound

• top feedback lights: 1 programmable RGB LED and 4 white LEDs
• Programmable RGB LED front and rear lights
• 1 red-green battery charging LED
• Built-in speaker


• Lithium-Polymer battery (350 mAh, 3.7V)
• working time: 100+ minutes
• Rechargeable via micro-USB

Maximum speed
• 1 m / sec

Dimensions (cm): 9.5 x 4 x 4, Weight (g): 88

The starter kit includes

• 1 smart train with motor
• 1 train wagon
• 20 tracks (12 curves, 4 straight, 4 two-way)
• 40 programming blocks
• Stickers to personalize the train
• USB-A to micro-USB charging cable