BBC micro:bit v2 Club Pack (10x)

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The micro:bit Club contains 10x BBC micro:bit V2 boards and all the essentials needed to power the boards and start programming. A perfect choice to get started with the micro:bit in a classroom or club setting.

The new micro:bit V2 is the latest revision of everyone’s favourite powerful palm-sized, and fully programmable computer. Conceived by the BBC to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software and building new things that will be controlled by it.

What’s in the box
10x BBC micro:bit V2 boards – available in 4 colours red, yellow, green & blue (please note you cannot select the colour of the micro:bit you will receive)
10x micro USB cable
10x battery packs (for batteries)
10x packs of 2x AAA batteries
10x quick start user guides, safety leaflets, cardboard battery pack holders and stickers