ClassVR Classroom Set of 4

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• Fully integrated ClassVR solution – no additional device required. ClassVR is an all-in-one solution, ready to use in the classroom, giving you a complete sense of Virtual Reality and giving the teacher complete control over the devices.
• Classroom management. The ClassVR portal is a tool that allows you to stream all Virtual Reality media and lessons directly to VR devices via wireless WiFi. The portal gives the teacher full control to manage all VR devices and monitor student activity using a simple web portal.
• Sets of 4 or 8 devices are sold together with a safety box. A special charging / storage box will allow you to fully charge and protect all equipment when not in use. With the charging box, you can easily move the devices from one place to another, ensuring their complete safety, and when you start the lesson, be sure that all the devices are fully charged.
• Ready-to-use content. Our structured lesson plans and inclusive resources help to significantly improve the memorability of knowledge and make learning content much more innovative through the imagination of students.
• Installation, training, use of equipment. Our specialists will fully train you in the use of the equipment, prepare everything for use and help you create an innovative lesson plan with the help of the ClassVr virtual reality glasses solution.