Akyga Battery charger

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High quality handy charger for charging of up to 8 batteries with individual control of each cell. Allows quick recharging (1-5 hours) from one to eight rechargeable batteries. Fully independent channels allows different sizes and brands of the batteries. Charge status is signalised by 4 LED diodes, which in the charging process shine bright red and after charging shine pale red color.

The charger is equipped with all the necessary safety features and additional protection against:

the effects of overload and short circuit,
overcharging the battery,
overheating of cells (60ºC),
charging the batteries incorrectly, damaged or in bad polarity (resulting in disconnection of charging).
The charger is for Ni-MH batteries.

The set includes an 8x AA/AAA charger and a 0.5m power cable.